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Christine Margaret is the writer-director of the essay film, Ada (2018), for which she worked on production, cinematography, editing, sound design, and acted as the protagonist. 

Born in the United States, raised in Taiwan, and based in London since she began filmmaking in 2014, her multicultural background influences her to seek universal connections within humanity shared through personal experiences. Her films are often experimental, playful, and bold, while simultaneously subtle and poetic.  

After graduating from the prestigious business school at National Chengchi University in Taiwan, Christine moved to London in pursuit of filmmaking. She earned an Art and Design diploma with Distinction at the University of the Arts London, focusing on Time-Based Media. Her final video installation project, Encounter (2015), was honoured as a recommended summer exhibition at Central Saint Martins. In 2015, Christine began her M.A. in Filmmaking at the London Film School. She has since directed an experimental short Elsewhere (2016) and an essay film Carrousel (2016). Christine was also the production designer for Minus Pink (2017) and A Place with Pinwheels (2018), and the editor for Six Feet Under Pieta (2016). 




Kayla Lee, born in South Korea and now based in London, is currently a student pursuing product design at Central Saint Martins. Kayla has collaborated with Christine on several projects, and has been a great support for Christine's filmmaking career. She acted in Carrousel (2016), and modeled for the research footages for Elsewhere (2016), both student films directed by Christine Margaret.




Pu-Yu Wang is Christine Margaret's mother. She is both Ada's mother and intermittently Ada in the film. All footage involving her is unstaged and shot by Christine Margaret. She is one of the greatest influences and support behind Christine's work. 



Peter Gordon has twice won the prestigious Grierson Documentary Awards, a Royal Television Society Award and an Amnesty International Award. His award-winning documentaries include Asylum (2005), Dunkirk: The Soldiers’ Stories (2004) and Breaking Point (1998). His latest documentary, Still Waters (2017), was premiered at DOC NYC 2017.

His films are notable for their humanity; for allowing the subjects time to express themselves. Committed, non-judgemental, often poetic and always moving, these films open up ways of living.

Peter has tutored and mentored at the National Film and Television School and the London Film School. He is the main academic support behind Ada (2018).


Other Cast & Crew 




Christine Margaret / Luis Felipe Moncada / Yu-Lin Chung 

Christine Margaret / Douglas Tsai / Luis Felipe Moncada / Yu-Lin Chung

GRADE                                                                                  Alex Grigoras

SOUND RECORDIST                                                        Christine Margaret / Dezhou Li / Alfred Seiya Lam

VOICEOVER RECORDIST                                               Franco Volpi / Dezhou Li / Alfred Seiya Lam  

EDITOR                                                                                Christine Margaret

SOUND DESIGNER                                                          Christine Margaret

SOUND MIX                                                                       Odinn Ingibergsson / Impulse Post Production

MUSIC                                                                                  El juego

COMPOSER/PERFORMER                                            Irving Monk

PRODUCER                                                                         Christine Margaret 


Special Thanks


Wang Tsung  Shu-Zi / Pu-Yu  Wang / Samuel  Wu / Peter  Gordon / Douglas  Tsai / Wei  Wang / James  Wang/  Karman  Yeung / Family from Mother’s side / Kayla  Lee / Solomon  Lee / Yu-Lin  Chung / Vee  Lin / Et Ng / Othmane Balafrej / Ying-Chun  Tung / Eli  Chung / Harold  Lu / Manos  Ioannou / Alex  Ravinranath / Rossana  Chen / Richard  Kwietniowski / Sue Austen / LFS  staff